Dresses are certainly one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces in the world, they look good on all types of bodies and leave the silhouette of the woman much more beautiful and feminine, recently, looking at the store ZAFUL I could find several beautiful models, priced legal and extremely versatile parts.
For those who do not know the store in question, it is one of the largest stores in China, if not the largest Chinese store in the fashion business. That we love, they stand out for the modernity of their pieces, since they always work with the biggest trends of the moment, also stand out for the quality of their pieces and of course, for the excellent price.

Parts like this above are great for colder days, for having a designer fall / winter and for having flannel fabrics, which are great for wearing under heavier jackets during the season. The detail of fashion is on account of income and chess, look how delicate that detail in your sleeve. Super delicate and feminine. The length of the piece is also ideal and can easily be with leggings underneath, the way I like it.

It is also a piece of which I think very beautiful, discreet, with more sophisticated details like this tie and its buttons, the piece has a great work in its details, as you can repair. How not to love?

View more pieces like these in the store of Zaful and also know the other products that the store has, you can find makeup products, beauty, brushes, that we love, and also can find winter clothes, summer and raincoat pieces.

I hope you enjoyed the tip, we see in the next post

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