An outfit guide for powerful women

Happy day for all these beautiful and powerful women!
Women’ s Day is almost here and the perfect plan to celebrate it is… a shooping
guide!! Zaful website has unbeliable promotions. I am sure you are going to LOVE. If
you are a shopaholic as me you will enjoy it as much as I do because the more you
buy, the more you save!
From 6 th till 16 th March you will have three different promotions. You can see them
here , but I am going to explain them better for you:

1. Best Sellers: If you buy three you get one for free.
2. New Faves: If you buy one item, you get a 30% discount in another new faves
3. New Arrivals: This is my favorite one. I love to shop in Zaful so, like I told you, the
more you buy… the more you get! Buy one and get a 20% discount, buy two and get
a 30% discount and buy three and get an AMAZING 50% discount. I am sure I will get
the last one because I want to buy a lot of new pieces to make my perfect Women’ s
Day outfit, as some of the examples I create for you in this post.
Now that you know perfectly this promotion I made three different options with
strong and powerful outfits for this special day for all women.
Girlfriends: I am sure I will celebrate Women’ s Day with my girlfriends. They are so
special for me. We met in college and we are every day and every time together. I
am sure they would love these two looks because they have the latest trends right
now. The left one is a fantastic Floral Chiffon Flowy Dress, with lovely pink flowers in
it and a perfect pattern. The right one, an Off Shoulder Floral Maxi Dress is also a
dream. In this dress you can find a lovely pink in the background of gorgeous flowers.
Both dresses have the Best Seller promotion, if you buy three you get one free, so all
your friends are going to be extremely happy with their new dresses! To end up the

look, nothing better than layered jewelry. I bring to you two different options. On
the left a Bar Round Disc Layered Necklace and on the right a Moon Gypsy Pendant
Necklace. They have the New Faves promotion so if you buy both you can get a 30%
off in one of them.

Mother: I think if someone talk about Women’ s Day the first women that will be in
your mind is going to be your mother. The most special women of our life will have
also an outfit guide for this day. I chose two original and different shirts that she can
combine with a pair of jeans. A Striped High Low Belted Shirt, in a beautiful red color,
and a Self-Tie Hem Striped Pocket Shirt, in a lovely blue color. She can wear it with
heels, like this pair of Cross Geometric Stiletto Heel Sandals, or with flat shoes, like a
pair of Curb Chain Mules Shoes. I have a pair of the last one and they are so comfy

and so elegant. They have the third promotion so, as you know, if you buy more you
get more discount!
IMG_263 IMG_264
Daughter: To end this post this is my last option. It is going to be perfect for all these
mums that are looking for the perfect Women’ s Day outfit for their daughter. I am
going to tell you what I would like to receive from my mum. All these items are from
the New Arrivals, so you can choose the third promotion. I chose three “two pieces”
outifts and I tell you why. You can wear them together or separated! I can wear the
two pieces top and skirt or I can wear the top with a pair of old jeans or the skirt with
my favorite blouse.  A classic one, a Plaid Off Shoulder Top and Mini Skirt Set. A 60’s
and vintage look, a Plunge Floral Crop Top and Skirt Set. And a trendy one, a Polka
Dot Crop Top and Skirt Set.
IMG_265 IMG_266

  I hope you enjoyed my outfit guide and I hope you have a beautiful Women’ s Day.

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